This Senator Wants To Get A Woman's Face On The $20 Bill

Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.) introduced a bill Tuesday that, if passed, would direct Treasury Secretary Jack Lew to take a recommendation from citizens on a woman whose image could replace Andrew Jackson's on the $20 bill.

The bill, introduced on Equal Pay Day, is pegged to the "Women on 20s" campaign, which seeks to put a woman's face on the $20 by the year 2020. The campaign proposed several redesigns for the $20 featuring famous faces like Sojourner Truth, Clara Barton and Eleanor Roosevelt.

eleanor roosevelt

“Our paper currency is an important part of our everyday lives and reflects our values, traditions and history as Americans,” Shaheen said in a statement Wednesday. “It’s long overdue for that reflection to include the contributions of women. The incredible grassroots support for this idea shows that there’s strong support for a woman to be the new face of the twenty dollar bill.”

A YouGov poll released in March 2015 found Roosevelt is the top female pick to replace Jackson on the $20. Other top picks included Rosa Parks, Susan B. Anthony, Betsy Ross and Harriet Tubman.



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