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Leora Kanner, Media Planner, Goes From Jeans Every Day To A More Polished Look In This Week's Style Makeover(PHOTOS)

There are good jeans and there are bad jeans.

Leora Kanner has the dream job. She works as a media planner for a theatrical advertising agency that requires her to go to shows on a weekly basis. Her office is just as exciting as the industry in which she works: It's buzzing with high-energy creative types who spend time together both in and outside the office. Needless to say, her work style is relaxed and very functional, in fact, she wears jeans six days a week.

The New Jersey native likes to look trendy, but with her own twist on popular styles. She said, "I generally try to be super comfortable in loose silhouettes, but always add heels to pull the look together."

Leora explained that her style used to be more eclectic: think long, bohemian skirts. She says that entering the workforce and living in New York forced her to rethink her look. She now loves to follow trends, and will often buy lots of trendy, affordable clothes from fast fashion outlets like Forever 21 and Zara. But she quickly tires of them and will happily shove them to the back of her closet, reassured by the fact that she will wear it again ... eventually. This leads to her other problem: exploding closets (we promised to help her with that quandary at some point, too).

Check out Leora as we gradually got her out of her jeans and into more polished clothes that still echoed her trendy, youthful vibe. The secret to giving her a more sophisticated look? Jackets. Blazers and fitted toppers, paired with pretty skirts or even jeans, will take your look from weekend to work day in a snap.


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