11 Reasons Skinny Jeans Are The Absolute Worst

Jeans are my own personal form of hell. I have no idea how they got associated with "laid-back" and "low-maintenance style," because nothing is low maintenance about putting an article of clothing in the freezer instead of the washing machine.

Don't believe me? Let me outline the reasons why skinny jeans are the absolute worst. (Boyfriend jeans, bell-bottoms and the like aren't much better in my opinion, but the real enemy here is skinnies.)

1. First of all, shopping for them is a total nightmare. Good luck sifting through thousands of options to find a pair that looks good and fits well.

2. And once you find that "perfect" pair, you have to head straight to the tailor -- skinny jeans are never the right length to begin with.

3. You always have to check to make sure the dye from your new denim hasn't come off on your hands or legs, because that usually happens.

4. Hopefully you didn't pick the wrong pair. (You know, the ones that create extra bulk in your nether regions.)

5. Forget storing anything in the pockets. Skinny jeans are usually too tight to be able to stuff your cell phone (or heaven forbid, your tampon) in there without it being painfully obvious.

6. You're constantly fighting against the muffin top.

5. After you put them in the washing machine, they shrink so much and all you can think is...

6. And then your freshly-washed skinny jeans are impossible to get onto your body.

jeans cardio

7. Good luck eating a big meal in tight jeans.

8. Enjoy the frustration when they start gaping at the back... or at the knees... or in the crotch.

9. And once they stretch out, you need to wash them all over again :/

5 days row

10. At the end of the night, if often takes a two-person team to get them off.

11. If you're unwilling to fork over a wad of cash for your denim, the cheap versions are often itchy and even more uncomfortable.

Bottom line, just stick to these:

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