Jeb and Hillary Need Political Viagra!

For weeks now, the pundits have asked the same stupid questions and made the same stupid predictions. Every day I keep hearing that Donald Trump is just a reality TV star and a clown and going to say something so outrageous that he's going to flame out. Not gonna happen. He's a rumbling volcano of contempt and rage. He's the voice of countless people who think just like him on the Right.

The same applies to Bernie Sanders on the Left. Why is he so popular? He's too much of a Socialist, his plans are too idealistic, he can only win in Iowa and certain states blahblahblah. You can tell by the pundits' bemused faces they don't really take him seriously despite his massive crowds who resonate to his focus on income inequality--among other "unmentionables" in American politics.

Whatever you think of either one of them, they're dramatic, passionate and quotable. They're intense. They're fiery. They energize their audiences.

As opposed to the political royalty who were supposed to be crushing this run-up to the primaries. Every time I see either Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton, even when they try to smile, they look either strained or tired. Their speeches are lackluster, their faces weary, their posture slack. They often radiate boredom. If I were an executive, I wouldn't even think of hiring them for my team because they would drag down group morale. They're both coming off as duds, going through the motions.



But Trump and Sanders, they're firebrands. They're hot to trot. Bush and Clinton, however, look like they'd rather be home in bed (separately, of course) watching Back to the Future.

Lev Raphael is the author of 25 books in genres from memoir to mystery which you can find on Amazon.