Jeb Bush Announces Opposition To Arizona's Immigration Law

Jeb Bush, younger brother of former president George W. Bush, announced over the weekend that he does not support Arizona's controversial immigration law, saying that his half-Latino children might represent potential suspects according to the intended strictures of SB1070.

"It's the wrong approach," Bush, who is married to a Mexican, said Saturday at a National League of Cities convention in Denver, according to the Denver Post's report. "The net result is not much has been done."

Bush then argued against the intensifying calls to focus on deporting millions of undocumented immigrants, saying that the monumental cost of the process wasn't feasible, and that the United States should instead focus on patching a porous border and improving the integration process of immigrants.

Finally, Bush claimed that his outspoken disagreement with Arizona's immigration law, a position that sets him apart from the rest of the probable 2012 presidential contenders, was proof that he was not planning a run, a rumor that his parents have tried to dispel, but that some conservatives, such as his brother, are still pushing.

Republicans in Colorado's state senate have announced plans to introduce legislation based heavily on Arizona's anti-illegal immigration bill.

Arizona's version of the legislation has been heavily criticized for supposedly opening a door to racial profiling in a blocked provision that would have allowed law enforcement officials to ask suspects who they believed to be in the country illegally for proof of their citizenship. A recent report on the economic damages caused by a subsequent boycott of the state found that Arizona has lost more than $140 million in revenue.

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