Jeb! Comeback Watch: Bush Ups His Billboard Game

Huge scoop on the super-effective ways Jeb's super PAC is spending donors' money.

For a few months now, Jeb Bush's campaign has been insisting that the Jeb! Comeback is on, and that the media should get on the ground floor of this amazing narrative. After all, Bush not quitting the race in shame is a ... kind of comeback, right? Sure. Here's how the comeback is going.

Get excited, Jeb fans! Bush's super PAC, Right to Rise -- last seen totally dropping the boom on Marco Rubio's lack of work ethic with a Twitter account that managed two tweets before they gave up -- is back on the scene in Iowa, where they've brilliantly executed the next stage of the Jeb! Comeback.

Via the Twitter account of Mike Murphy, Right to Rise's CEO (of setting donor money aflame): It's a billboard!

Awww, snap! Now if Donald Trump happens to peek out whatever window in Iowa is near this billboard, this message is surely going to cut him to the bone, make him see the error of his ways and drive him from the race in shame.

"Wow," Trump will say, "I get it now."

Meanwhile, this is all probably just fine with Iowa's actual front-runner, Ted Cruz.

This has been the Jeb! Comeback Watch for Jan. 7, 2015. Jeb Bush is currently in fifth place in Iowa (4.7 percent), sixth place in New Hampshire (7.5 percent) and fifth place nationally (6.8 percent).