Jeb Bush Would Support Trump For President Over Hillary Clinton... Probably

"I'd have to see how it played out."

Donald Trump loves to pick on Jeb Bush. He's repeatedly called the former Florida governor "low energy," mocked his poll numbers and questioned his electability.

So it shouldn't come as a huge surprise that Bush declined to say whether he'd 100 percent support Trump should the real estate mogul win the Republican presidential nomination. In an interview with Fox Sports podcast Outkick, host Clay Travis asked Bush if he would vote for Trump over Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton.

"That's a good question," Bush said. "I'd have to see how it played out. I think I would."

Bush said that while Clinton is a liberal, "Trump's views are evolving, at least, towards the right place."

He also admitted that he has, in the past, voted for someone other than a candidate he publicly supported. 

"I don't think I've done it for president," Bush said. "I'm pretty sure I've probably done it for city councilman or something like that, because things changed in the midst. I've endorsed a lot of people and it doesn't always work out."

Listen to the full interview below. The exchange about Trump begins 12 minutes in.

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