Jeb Speaks About Campaigning With The Bush Name

PELLA, Iowa -- Facing challenging political terrain in Iowa, GOP presidential contender Jeb Bush shed light on one of his campaign's biggest hurdles during a town hall on Wednesday.

Responding to a question asking if the former Florida governor was campaigning with only his first name in an effort to separate himself from his family, Bush compared his new logo with others from the past.

“In 1998, guess what my campaign logo looked like -- Jeb exclamation point,” Bush said. “It worked that time. Guess what happened when I ran in 2002? Yep, Jeb exclamation point.”

Although his last name isn’t part of the logo, there’s no denying Bush baggage could weigh him down in some Republican circles.

“I want people to call me by my first name, Jeb," Bush said. "There ain’t no way Jeb Bush is going to be able to hide away from the Bush name, It just ain’t going to happen."

Bush favorability ratings in Iowa are underwater. A recent poll of Iowa caucus-goers conducted by the Des Moines Register/Bloomberg showed 53 percent of very conservative activists have negative feelings about Bush, only 38 percent view him favorably.

HuffPost Pollster, which combines all publicly available polling data, places Bush fourth in the GOP primary field with 10.2 percent support nationally.

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