Jeb Bush Is Doing What He Can To Get His Name Tattooed On Some Random Guy's Neck

This should be fun.

One super-fan of Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush pledged to have #Jeb4Prez tattooed across his neck if his Vine reaches 1 million loops. 

Vic Berger, a freelance video editor, challenged the Internet Friday night to watch his Vine 1 million times by the end of the weekend. If he reached his goal, Berger said he'd get the Bush-friendly hashtag tattooed on his neck.

Berger has since updated his pledge promising to get the tattoo "whenever" the Vine hits a million loops.  

The former Florida governor spread the word Sunday afternoon, tweeting that he'd "like to make Vic get a #Jeb4Prez tattoo."

Berger has not yet released the official designs of the tattoo but has shared some of his ideas if the Vine succeeds. 

As of Monday afternoon, the Vine had over 650,000 loops.     

Berger wouldn't be the first to support a politician with some ink. Eric Hatsburg, who gained fame for having the Romney/Ryan logo tattooed on his face ahead of the 2012 election, said he was paid $15,000 by an anonymous Ebay user to do it.

He has since had two laser treatments to remove his tattoo.

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