Jeb Bush Slams Obama As 'Utter And Complete Failure'

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) called the Obama administration "an utter and complete failure" on Tuesday night, attacking the president for economic ineptitude and poor policy decisions, according to Newsmax.

Speaking at the Conservative Party of New York State's annual dinner in New York City, Bush said, "President Obama has many gifts, but one thing he doesn't seem to understand is basic economics. He has this almost naive view that America's economy is so strong he can do anything to it and nothing bad will happen."

Newsmax reports that the New York third party gave Bush its Charles M. Edison Memorial Award at the dinner and that traditionally, GOP presidential candidates have sought an endorsement from the party. Bush has not announced whether he is running in 2016, but is considered by many to be a serious contender.

"We've had more than four years to see what Barack Obama knows about economics," Bush said, "and the truth is, with all due respect, he is an utter and complete failure."

He went on to chide the GOP for Mitt Romney's defeat, arguing that the Republican Party's "brand is tarnished with an ever-changing America."

"Will America continue to be the best hope for freedom and opportunity on the face of the earth? Or will it go down the path of diminished expectations?" Bush asked. "Let's be really blunt. President Obama isn't making good choices. On energy, he waffles. On immigration, he hasn't led. On foreign policy, he doesn't lead, even from behind. On the family, he is captive to the special interests of the left."

Bush also gave the Conservative Party a bit of encouragement. "You've proven that even in a state that doesn't often support conservative candidates, your presence, your involvement, your activity really makes a difference," he said.

Earlier this month, Bush admitted that the possibility of his running for president has received a "split ballot" from his parents, with his mother saying "the nation's probably had enough Bushes."

Jeb Bush served as governor of Florida from 1999 to 2007 and now heads the consulting firm Jeb Bush and Associates.

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