Jeb Bush: Rick Perry 'Has Every Right To Suggest' Global Warming 'Not A Certainty' (VIDEO)

Big Name Republican Defends Questionable Perry Remarks

During an interview that aired on Fox Business on Tuesday, former Florida governor Jeb Bush (R) weighed in on Rick Perry's candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination and the issue of global warming.

Bush denied there's a rift between his family and the Texas governor's camp.

"I’ve never heard anyone in my family say anything but good things about Rick Perry," he said. "Not with my brother, my dad, not with me at all. I admire him and I think Texas has got a great story and he can legitimately talk about that story as a candidate for president."

The former governor insisted that he has no intention of making a run for the White House in the next election cycle. "I will support the Republican nominee," he said. "I might support someone before that, but I believe the Republican candidate will win and I’m looking forward to that."

As for the issue of global warming, Bush articulated his own views on the subject on the heels of Perry raising doubt about the environmental phenomenon during a recent stop in New Hampshire.

"I think global warming may be real," said Bush before adding that "whether it’s manmade or not is the point Perry was pining on."

He continued, "It is not unanimous among scientists that it is disproportionately manmade. What I get a little tired of on the left is this idea that somehow science has decided all this so you can’t have a view. Science has decided that embryonic stem cell research is the way to go and if you don’t agree with that then somehow you’re Cro-Magnon Man or something like that. Governor Perry, as it relates to global warming has every right to suggest that it’s not a certainty.”

Below, a clip of what Bush had to say during the interview.


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