Jeb Bush Claims He Never Saw Memo Calling Rubio 'GOP Obama'

The 112-page document from the Bush campaign details Rubio's alleged inexperience.

GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush says he never saw the 112-page memo from his campaign calling opponent Sen. Marco Rubio the "GOP Obama" until after it was leaked. 

In an interview on NBC's "Meet The Press" Sunday with host Chuck Todd, the former Florida governor denied any knowledge of the document detailing how he'd win the presidency and outlining Florida senator Rubio's shortcomings. 

The document, which was leaked last week, details Rubio's lack of experience relative to Bush and calls him a "risky bet."

"That't not a hopeful campaign tactic," Todd told Bush.

"I didn't see it," Bush said three times.

"It's your campaign," Todd responded. "You don't know this memo? You don't know this PowerPoint?"

"Well, I read about it when it was leaked for sure. I didn't know about the PowerPoint," Bush said.

When Todd asked Bush if the document was something he wanted his campaign staff involved with, Bush said he wants them focused on winning the primaries in New Hampshire, South Carolina, Iowa and Nevada.

"That's our first mission," he said. 

Bush's campaign has struggled in the primary race many expected him to dominate. In the third Republican debate last week, an attack on Rubio's voting record badly backfired.

"I don't remember you ever complaining about John McCain's vote record," Rubio told Bush. "The only reason why you're doing it now is because we're running for the same position, and someone has convinced you that attacking me is going to help you ... My campaign is going to be about the future of America, it's not going to be about attacking anyone else on this stage."

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