Jeb Bush Superfan Goes Through With 'Jeb4Prez' Tattoo

Is that permanent?

Vic Berger, a superfan of Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush, made good on his promise to tattoo "Jeb4Prez" across his neck on Monday after his Vine got more than 4 million loops.

The freelance video editor originally challenged the Internet in late July, saying that "whenever" his Vine of Bush reached 1 million loops, he would get the tattoo.

His challenge caught the attention of the former Florida governor, who tweeted his support.

After Berger noticed the Vine had reached over 4 million loops, he tweeted that he would be getting the tattoo on Monday -- and tweeted photos of it on Tuesday.

Suspicious folks have since questioned the authenticity of his ink.

But Berger told The Huffington Post, "It's real. Believe me, the pain was awful. The people on twitter commenting on my neck tattoo weren't there. Talk to the artist at Steel City Tattoo if you want."

Besides the physical pain, Berger claimed he had lost his job because his employer has a policy against tattoos.

The fact that Bush himself had so far failed to comment on the tattoo made matters worse in Berger's opinion.

"I definitely wouldn't have gone through with it without his support. It's just terrible," Berger added.

Besides the candidate's earlier encouragement, members of Bush's campaign staff had also replied to Berger's Vine challenge multiple times. He said they too have yet to reach out publicly since he got the tattoo.

This story has been updated with comment from Vic Berger.

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