One Of Jeb Bush's Favorite Presidents Has Quite An Unfortunate History

The 2016 contender loves James K. Polk -- and we're really confused by it.

While campaigning in Iowa in July, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) was asked to name his favorite presidents. After ensuring he had his family's back by putting his father George H.W. Bush and his brother George W. Bush at the top of his list, the 2016 hopeful included a surprising pick: James K. Polk, whose infamous one-term presidency prompted the Mexican-American War and a threat of war to Great Britain. To quote Abraham Lincoln, whom Bush also listed among his favorites, Polk was a "bewildered, confounded and miserably perplexed man."

In the video above, HuffPost Live takes a quick look at Polk's legacy in an attempt to understand Bush's choice. Spoiler alert: we still don't.  

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