Here's What Would Have To Happen For Jeb Bush To Give A Democrat A 'Warm Kiss'


Presidents have twisted arms, handed over government jobs and passed pork -- all in hopes of winning votes for their legislative initiatives.

Jeb Bush promised foreplay.

Redefining the art of the backroom deal, the former Florida governor said in Wednesday night's GOP debate he’d give a Democrat a “warm kiss” if he or she agreed to slash spending as part of a budget deal.

Bush was asked about a hypothetical situation, first posed at a GOP debate in the last election cycle, in which Democrats would agree to $10 in spending cuts for every $1 in tax increases. He complained, at first, that such a deal had already been done without any of the Republican payoff.

“Barack Obama got his massive tax increase and there were no cuts,” Bush said, which ignores the passage of automatic budget cuts known as sequestration in 2011.

Then Bush said he would talk to Democrats who would agree to cut more spending, should he end up president.

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