JetBlue Is About To Make The Airplane Cabin Of Our Dreams

So. Many. Movies!!!

It's not quite a private jet, but it IS the in-flight economy experience we've been waiting for.

This week, JetBlue announced that all its A320 jets will soon include unlimited free Wi-Fi, power outlets, USB ports, and more than 300 movies on larger screens at every seat.


It's the first complete redesign to JetBlue's A320 airplane cabins since they started flying nearly 16 years ago, a company release states.

Upgrades to the interior include "gate-to-gate" Wi-Fi, which means travelers can start using the Internet connection as soon as they board. Seatback TVs will nearly double in size, and the number of TV channels will rise from 36 to more than 100, in addition to the hundreds of movies.

Oh, and did we mention JetBlue always has free snacks?!

The downside is that the new configuration also includes more seats, upping cabin capacity from 150 passengers to 162. This will make things a little squishier -- each row will lose 2 inches of legroom, as Bloomberg Business notes -- but it'll still leave JetBlue flights with more legroom than the average economy cabin.

Knocking knees for more Wi-Fi? It's a swap we're happy to make.

Changes to JetBlue's A320 planes will get underway early next year and should be completed by 2019. We can't WAIT.

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