Jed Lifeson, The Dancing Guy, Spreads Joy In Hamilton, Ontario (VIDEO)

No matter what you're going through today, the "Dancing Guy" is guaranteed to make you smile.

Jed Lifeson is a resident of Hamilton, Ontario, and better known as the "Dancing Guy," or the city's "Ambassador of Happiness."

For years, he has been dancing up and down Hamilton's Main Street and around town with the goal of brightening people's days.

"It's like a circular thing. I bring a smile to you and your smile brings it back to me," he says.

Ask anyone in Hamilton, and they will tell you that Lifeson is the happiest man they know. But there's more to his story.

Humans of Hamilton and Kirkland Films told Lifeson's tale as a part of their "Human Stories" series and revealed the rough but inspiring past that keeps Lifeson dancing.

He says in the video that his musical nature was inspired by his mother, who would sing and play guitar for crowds on the street. She fell into a coma in 2003, and Lifeson recalls praying for her to wake up so he could say a proper goodbye. When she awoke 17 days later, the "Dancing Guy" was born.

"I was so grateful; I was so joyous, I was so thankful that my prayers were answered that I wanted to burst," he says. "I walked out of that hospital; I didn't have the music...but I danced for about ten blocks. Everybody looked at me all kinds of ways, but I didn't care, and I never stopped."

Lifeson says he can always find a reason to keep dancing, despite potential hardships ahead.

"There's nothing...that you're experiencing that cannot be turned into joy," he says. "There's always light at the end."

This adorable grandmother dancing out the door is just more proof that groove is good for your soul.

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