JedReport's Latest Devastating Video: "McCain's Neverending War"

One of the key components of the McCain hagiography, besides the downed planes and the wife-swapping is that he was a fearsome critic of the way President George W. Bush and Donald Rumsfeld prosecuted the Iraq War. OH! How he HATED it! Hated it something fierce! But then John McCain bravely authored the philosophy of the idea of the notion of the strategy that became known as the SURGE! And then, somehow, it became totally okay to hire one of the architects of the Rumsfeld plan as his foreign policy advisor.

Am I trying to say that there are some inconsistencies in McCain's backstory on Iraq? Uhm, yyyyyyyyyeeeeeessssss. And now Jed Lewison of JedReport.com has just released his latest video, an extremely comprehensive collection of McCain clips (never-before-seen for most people) which chart the Arizona Senator's position on Iraq over the last several years, and puncture one of the candidates central contentions.

Lewison writes:

My newest video features John McCain talking about the Iraq war from 2002 through the present, exposing -- in his own words -- the lie behind his claim that he was the war's "greatest critic." It demonstrates his chilling commitment to fighting this war no matter what the people of America -- or Iraq -- want.

It is long -- nine minutes, thirty seconds -- but much of the material it contains will likely be new to you...and devastating to McCain.

Take a look: