Hero Drives Jeep Off Tow Truck, Escapes In A Flash Of Glory (VIDEO)

Hero Drives Jeep Off Tow Truck, Escapes In A Flash Of Glory

Tow trucks are the bane of the working man's existence.

We've all been there: You spend your hard-earned cash on a few groceries after a long day of work and think to yourself, "I deserve a coffee at that fancy hipster joint across the street." You do! But what you don't notice are the sharks circling your vehicle. The moment you walk out of the grocery store lot, your precious Toyota Camry is gone, on its way to the tow pound along with your dignity and temper.

This is our plight. But there is a shining light in our midst. A man willing to stand up for what's right. A Katniss Everdeen to our District 12. A King Leonidas to our Sparta. He's a Jeep owner in Chicago, and he's the first hero on record escaping a tow by driving his vehicle off the truck that victimized him.

In dramatic footage caught by Tony Marengo on Sunday night, the Jeep driver can be seen sitting in his vehicle -- which was atop the tow truck at the time -- yelling at the driver to stop. The tow truck pulls over.

"We could hear the guy in the driver’s seat of the car yelling out of the window," Marengo told NBC Chicago. "He was like, ‘Hey! Hey! Hey, buddy!'"

Then, our hero leaps into action, doing what none of us ever had the guts to do: He guns it, and makes a clean getaway (video above).

We'll go out on a limb and assume that the mean old tow truck driver got the Jeep's info before the great escape -- but it's a small victory, and a small victory we'll take.

May the odds be ever in your favor, Jeep driver.

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