Jeezy Says Drake Is 'Smart,' Has 'A Different Type Of Skill Set'

Jeezy applauds Drizzy for not "just getting in the booth and writing songs."

He might be only 29, but there's no question that Drake has emerged as a major force in the hip hop scene. According to veteran rapper Jeezy, however, that's due to more than just his music chops.

"Drake's smart, man," Jeezy told HuffPost Live on Thursday. "He understands. He studies music, and he sees it as a game. He's not just in it as an artist; he knows how to attach himself to certain things that are moving just to stay in the pocket, and that takes a different type of skill set. That ain't just getting in the booth and writing songs."

Jeezy added that before collaborating with Drake on the 2009 single "Fed Up," he had no idea who Drake even was.

"We met in New York, and I just sat back and was like, 'Oh, he's from Canada,'" the rapper recounted. "But I just saw how he was moving ... and I was like, 'Okay, they're really trying to make this kid big.'"

After the viral success of the "Hotline Bling" video, we'd argue that "big" is an understatement.

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