Rapper Jeezy Says Turmoil At Mizzou 'Makes No Sense'

"This is the land of the free, the home of the brave. We have to live and honor that."

Rapper Jeezy joined HuffPost Live Wednesday and weighed in on the current state of  race relations in America. 

"This is the land of the free, the home of the brave. We have to live and honor that," he told host Alex Miranda. "I just think right now, you have all these people living in this country and they just don't understand each other. Nothing is bringing them together."

This includes Ferguson, which the rapper described as feeling like a war zone, and the events unfolding at Mizzou, where two students were just arrested for issuing threats to black students at the school through the social media site Yik Yak.

The troubling mindset of those students must be "coming out of a place of ignorance, just for lack of information, just for lack of leadership, just for the lack of mentorship," Jeezy explained. "[There] needs to be more [education on] why we don't get along. We're all the same inside."

"I've never been a racist," he continued. "I've never really met a racist. I don't understand what racism is about."

The rapper questions where these racist attitudes were developed, but he takes it to mean that more exposure to diversity is needed.

"It makes you think: Are you learning this at home? You had to learn this somewhere," he said. "I just think that anytime you got people that's willing to go out and hurt anybody for any ignorant reason, we gotta start teaching something somewhere, because that makes no sense to me." 

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