LGBT Advocates Are A 'Gay-Stapo' Planning A 'Kristallnacht' Against Christians, Pastor Jeff Allen Claims

LGBT Advocates Are A 'Gay-Stapo' Planning A 'Kristallnacht' Against Christians, Pastor Claims

Referencing the new movie " The Monuments Men," a conservative Indiana pastor has blasted lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights advocates as a "gay-stapo" that is ultimately seeking the destruction of marriage, which he calls "the masterpiece of God's handiwork."

In an Op-Ed for Liberty Counsel attorney Matt Barber's website Barbwire, Pastor Jeff Allen writes that marriage equality opponents are on the "right side of eternity," and that "surrender will never be an option."

He takes the Nazi metaphor even further, noting, "Many [LGBT rights advocates] really do console themselves with fantasies of their own Kristallnacht, in which Christians are euphemistically 'taken out of the way' as part of the 'gay'-stapo’s 'final solution' to the 'Christian problem,'" as Right Wing Watch first reported.

He then adds, "The torturing or hanging of Matt Barber and other Christians like him is shockingly not off the table for the most rabid among them."

You can read Allen's full editorial here.

Unfortunately, it isn't the first time a conservative pundit has compared the LGBT community to the Nazi party. Last year, the American Family Association's Bryan Fischer referred to LGBT rights advocates as "Nazi stormtroopers" who are "totalitarian and repressive."

He added, "Just as the homosexual stormtroopers for Hitler were to exterminate and eliminate the opposition and beat them into silence, that's what homosexual activists want to do today."

Barber, who is also a conservative Christian radio host, is no stranger to anti-LGBT declarations. In recent weeks, he has praised Russia, Uganda and Nigeria for their anti-LGBT laws, respectively.

Last year, he joined the chorus of right-wing voices whocondemned the U.S. Supreme Court's rulings on the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and Prop 8, noting that "the persecution [of same-sex marriage opponents] is already starting to happen," and that "the court has opened the floodgates for persecution to occur," Right Wing Watch first reported.

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