Jeff Bauman 'Today Show' Interview: Boston Bombing Victim Says He Heals Quickly 'Like Wolverine' (VIDEO)

WATCH: Boston Bombing Victim Says He's Like Wolverine

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Jeff Bauman is a quick healer.

"They were calling me 'Wolverine,'" the Boston Marathon bombing victim told the Today Show Thursday morning. "It's an X-Men, the guy that heals really quick."

Bauman, 27, was thrown into the spotlight after an iconic picture of him being rushed to safety in a wheelchair by a man in a cowboy hat went viral.

That man, Carlos Arredondo, accompanied Bauman to the chat with NBC's Brian Williams. The pair discussed what is destined to be a lifetime friendship.

Bauman, who lost most of both his legs from the April 15 bombing, told Williams that he is "stronger... way stronger," than he's ever been.

He's proved that to be to true in more ways than one.

Before that, in late May, he threw out the first pitch, with Arrendondo by his side, at Fenway Park in Boston.

"I had a lot to live for before," he told WEEI less than a month after losing his legs. "And I have a lot to live for now."

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