Jeff Bezos's Busy Day At The Washington Post

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos continued his two-day tour Wednesday through the newsroom of the The Washington Post, his first visit since agreeing to buy the paper last month for $250 million.

The Post closely chronicled the previous day's arrival, publishing an interview in which the new owner spoke of a new "golden age" for the paper, and an evening story touring the newsroom. The Post described how Bezos struck a triangle Tuesday afternoon to call editors for their daily meeting, "the chimes, amplified electronically across the Post's historic newsroom."

On Day 1, Bezos met with several Post executives, including publisher Katharine Weymouth, and editorial page editor Fred Hiatt and executive editor Marty Baron. On Day 2, he's expected to meet with many more members of the Post's staff, including reportedly having breakfast with Bob Woodward.

Baron, who had lunch and dinner with Bezos on Tuesday, told HuffPost that he "really enjoyed the conversations with him."

"They've been stimulating and fun," he said.

Baron introduced Bezos at a 10:00 a.m. Wednesday meeting with roughly two-dozen Post staffers, a group that includes several Pulitzer winners and finalists. Post staffers invited, according to sources, included: Dana Priest, Ezra Klein, Dan Balz, Anne Kornblut, Chris Cillizza, Karen Tumulty, Sari Horwitz, David Finkel, Sally Jenkins, Eli Saslow, and Ann Hornaday.

"Jeff 'genetic optimism' -- his words -- are infectious," Cillizza told HuffPost after the meeting. "He has clearly thought deeply about both about the Washington Post and the news business and is excited about the opportunity before all of us."

Baron was scheduled to next meeting with the newsroom's engineering and digital innovation group before a noon lunch in the paper's 9th floor dining room with senior editors and section heads. Baron will be attending that meeting, too, which is also expected to include Kevin Merida, Cameron Barr, Emilio Garcia-Ruiz, Steve Ginsberg, Vernon Loeb, Doug Jehl, Anne Kornblut, Balz, Jeff Leen and Carlos Lozada.

Bezos will then hold an all-staff Q&A at 3:30 in the paper's Community Room, a much-anticipated event in the newsroom that will likely be live-tweeted by some in attendance.