Jeff Bridges Auditions For Summer's Eve On 'Colbert Report' (VIDEO)

WATCH: Jeff Bridges Cares About Lady Parts

Commercials for Summer's Eve sparked massive controversy this summer, with many detractors accusing the feminine hygiene product of poor taste and racism in their thinly-veiled depictions of, well, talking vaginas.

But perhaps the ads would still be on the air if The Dude had been involved. While stopping by "The Colbert Report" on Wednesday, Oscar-winning actor Jeff Bridges submitted his audition for Summer's Eve in this online exclusive video. Colbert is no stranger to Summer's Eve -- earlier this summer, the show's spoof of the commercials (about a male equivalent to Summer's Eve products) went viral.

Bridges has played a variety of roles over his multi-decade spanning career, and recently released a T-Bone Burnett-produced album of original music. But obviously, his true calling is to abandon Hyundai and start encouraging women to cleanse their "vertical smile."

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