Jeff Bridges Shares Powerful Lessons From Cancer And COVID-19 Bouts

Bridges, who announced his lymphoma diagnosis in October 2020, also revealed he was diagnosed with COVID-19 during chemotherapy.

Actor Jeff Bridges, during a moving interview with late night host Jimmy Kimmel, said he learned about the power of love during his bouts with COVID-19 and cancer.

Bridges, who announced his lymphoma diagnosis in October 2020, had a “dance with” COVID-19 during his cancer treatment.

In a note posted on his website last year, the actor said he and his wife, Sue Geston, had both contracted COVID and that it made cancer feel like “a piece of cake.” Chemotherapy had left him especially vulnerable to the the virus, and he had to be hospitalized for five weeks.

He also revealed his cancer was in remission at the time.

On “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Friday, Kimmel said he was even happier to see the actor than usual since Bridges had gone through “a lot” since his last appearance on the show.

“Oh man, what a dream,” Bridges replied.

Kimmel said he was sure it was a “nightmare,” but the Oscar-winning actor doubled down on what a “good dream” it was for him.

“I learned so many things, being in that condition ... with your mortality, you learn things you wouldn’t have otherwise,” he said.

He remarked that his illnesses help him realize what a “gift” life is and taught him about accepting life’s challenges. He added that he also learned about love.

“It heightens the whole thing about how wonderful love is and how I love and how I am loved,” Bridges said. “It just accentuates all of that.”

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