According To Jeff Bridges, Trump Says Nice Things When You Take Him 'Out Of Context'

The Dude doesn't understand The Donald.

Like many Americans, Jeff Bridges can’t make sense of all the conflicting things Donald Trump has said about his opponent and the issues.

“Trump is certainly unpredictable,” the actor said in a recent interview with The Daily Beast. “One moment he’s saying that Hillary should be arrested, that she’s the worst person that’s ever been up for office, and the next moment he’s saying she’s done some great things for our country.”

Bridges added, “He switches like that! And in his acceptance speech, I thought there were some wonderful things ― if you took it out of context.”

The actor stated that the president-elect is more of a “riddle” than anything else. He tried his best to explain Trump in a sort of twisting, winding brainteaser:

“You’re looking for the village of truth, you come to a fork in the road, and there’s a guy standing there. You know he’s either from the village of truth or the village of lies. All the people that live in the village of truth have to tell the truth. All the people who live in the village of lies have to tell lies. You have one question to ask this guy, to get to the village of truth, but you don’t know which village he’s from. What is your question?”

“The answer is, ‘Which is the road to your village?’” Bridges said. “So maybe that’s how we respond to this. He says he wants to make America great again. I get the sense he’s a person who wants to be loved, and being lovable is what makes people love you. I think each of us has a version of that in our hearts and we follow that. You want to make America great? OK, I’m with you, let’s go! But what is America?” 

It’s hard to see the “person who wants to be loved” underneath all of the sexist, homophobic, racist and xenophobic rhetoric Trump has spouted in public and online, but it’s nice to know The Donald confuses The Dude, too.



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