Jeff Daniels Uses Donald Trump’s COVID-19 Lies Against Him In New Song

"Trumpty Dumpty Blues" calls out the president's mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic.

The “Newsroom” actor turns President Donald Trump’s lies about the coronavirus back on him in a song released in early October.

For months, Trump publicly misled the American people by downplaying the threat posed by COVID-19. In private, however, he acknowledged its danger. Audio of the president’s coronavirus falsehoods ― and just a few of the other more than 20,000 lies that he’s told since taking office ― sit alongside Daniels’ lyrics in the three-minute track below:

Daniels, who portrays former FBI Director James Comey in “The Comey Rule,” suggested last month that Democratic nominee Joe Biden figuratively punch Trump in the mouth during the presidential debates.

Last year, the actor predicted “the end of democracy” if Trump wins reelection.

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