Jeff Daniels Tells Michigan What Trump's Really Like: ‘Not Much Of A Man At All’

The Michigan native teams up with bestselling author Don Winslow in new pro-Biden video.

Two-time Emmy-winning actor Jeff Daniels and bestselling novelist Don Winslow have joined forces for a new video aimed at getting voters in Michigan to support Democratic candidate Joe Biden over President Donald Trump.

“We’re hurting in Michigan right now: in our factories, on our farms, in our hearts,” Daniels, who grew up in the state and lives there today, said.

“In Michigan, we don’t pound our chests and blow our own horns. We just get the job done,” he added. “We suit up, show up and get to work.”

And the “Comey Rule” star made it clear there was one candidate who doesn’t meet those values: Trump.

“Here in Michigan, we don’t believe in paying off porn stars to keep their mouths shut about who we really are and we don’t think much of a man who disrespects women,” Daniels said. “In fact, we don’t think he’s much of a man at all.”

The video was produced by “Comey Rule” executive producer Shane Salerno, who has been working with Winslow on anti-Trump videos that have racked up millions of views on Twitter, including one earlier this month featuring rock icon Bruce Springsteen.

See their latest effort below:

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