Jeff Duncan Questions Obama's 'Validity' On Rick Wiles' Radio Show (AUDIO)

Because No Conservative Conspiracy Theorist Has Made This Claim In A Few Hours...

A tired claim against President Barack Obama was regurgitated by conservative radio host Rick Wiles in an interview with Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-S.C.) last Friday.

Provoked by Wiles, who asked if the House might pursue "the original scandal" of Obama's "phony identification papers," Duncan laughed, but then agreed.

"I'm all with you," Duncan said. "Let's go back and revisit these things, because Americans have questions, not only about the IRS scandal, but also the president's validity."

Both men have raised eyebrows previously for various other claims.

Duncan, chairman of the House Homeland Security Oversight Subcommittee, once suggested a link between undocumented immigrants and animals, while Wiles recently faced scrutiny for suggesting a connection between same-sex marriage support and North Korea's threats against the U.S.

Conservative conspiracy theorists known as "birthers" have questioned the validity of the president's birth certificate in the past, but the claims have failed to hold water, and in 2011, the White House released Obama's long-form birth certificate.

Listen to the radio interview above

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