Jeff Foxworthy Gets Burned For Dated Joke About Millennials In New Netflix Special

The comedian is getting the “OK, Boomer” treatment on Twitter for a quip about participation trophies.

Jeff Foxworthy certainly did not win over any millennials with a new yet very old joke.

The comedian, best known for his “you might be a redneck” shtick from the 1990s, quipped about participation trophies in his new Netflix special called “The Good Old Days.”

Foxworthy, whose 1958 birth date makes him a baby boomer (though he may identify as a late baby boomer or Generation Jones), made plenty of observational jokes about older and younger generations throughout his special. But like many boomers, he suggested life was at its best when he was young, had “energy to burn” and “played every sport” — which became the setup for what he may have thought was a really sick burn.

“I played every sport and it was weird back then,” Foxworthy said. “Because if you wanted a trophy, you had to finish in first place. It was nuts.”

Many people on Twitter didn’t find the joke that novel. And since some of those people happened to be millennials — unburdened by the responsibilities of home ownership or career ambition — they had plenty of time to call out Foxworthy for a joke that’s about as stale as a toast topped with avocado.

Here are some of the best:

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