Jeff Goldblum Shares His Strategy For Coping With A Donald Trump Presidency

The actor said citizens needed to "understand the people on the other side."

Actor Jeff Goldblum says he’ll deal with the U.S. presidential election result in a totally respectful way.

The “Jurassic Park” star shared how he’d cope with a Donald Trump presidency on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” on Tuesday night, coming on at around the same time things began looking bleak for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

I’m very frightened, I’m very alarmed, I’m sobered and upset,” said the usually unflappable Goldblum, who went out on the campaign trail on behalf of Clinton.

He later claimed that a Trump victory would be a “test of our ability to accept” and urged citizens to dig deep in order to try to “understand the people on the other side” so that they could come together once more.

Look, horrible things will happen to me, to all of us,” he said. “And the talent in life is how to figure out how to navigate that.”

After offering up meditation as one possible solution, Goldblum said he thought it would be “stupid” if the losing side retaliated by saying “the whole thing” had been “a total waste of time.” 

I say that no matter what, because we’re all gonna lose no matter what,” he told Colbert, referencing human mortality. “And it’s the journey that counts and how we collaborate with each other to each other’s mutual benefits that counts.”

Check out the full clip above.

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