Jeff Goldblum Serves Free Sausages To People Because He's Jeff Goldblum

Free lunch never looked better.

Like a magnificently aged wine, Jeff Goldblum is still a fantastic human decades after we first met him. He continues to win us over, and he’s currently doing so with sausages.

After the recent announcement that Goldblum will be returning to the “Jurassic Park” franchise in “Jurassic World 2,” he appeared inside a food truck in Sydney, Australia, on Wednesday. From said food truck, Goldblum was apparently handing out FREE sausages!

We know, we know ― Dr. Ian Malcolm is returning to the big screen. That is INSANELY marvelous. But also: FREE SAUSAGES FROM JEFF GOLDBLUM.

Is this heaven? Are we still alive?

“Chef Goldblum’s” truck began its afternoon trip at Wynyard Station before wandering into the Circular Quay area of Sydney.

The photos from fans on social media have been truly iconic:

The legend himself. #jeffgoldblum #chefgoldblum #lifefindsaway

A post shared by danielb769 (@danielb769) on

Scoring a sanga from #brundlefly #chefgoldblum I'm, I'm simply saying that life, uh... finds a way

A post shared by Phillips Huynh (@ph22ps) on

This fan summed up our thoughts most succinctly:

Jeff Goldblum, never stop being you.

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