Jeff Gordon Takes Auto Journalist On The Scariest Ride Of His Life In Amazing Payback Prank (VIDEO)

Jeff Gordon Scares The S**t Out Of Journo In Wild Ride Payback Prank

Here's why you never cross Jeff Gordon.

The NASCAR driver waited nearly a year to get back at a doubting journalist and did it in stunning, terrifying fashion.

Gordon starred in a viral Pepsi MAX commercial last March in which he appeared to take an unsuspecting car salesman for a "Dukes of Hazzard"-style test drive. Only Jalopnik's Travis Okulski forcefully called it out as a fake, reporting that Gordon didn't drive the car and that all the participants were actors.

Well, an apparently ticked-off Gordon and the soft-drink company recently got their revenge. In a ruse partially set up by Okulski's employer, the writer was sent to North Carolina to test-drive a new car. Circumstances led him into a cab driven by Gordon, who was disguised as a tattooed ex-con.

A cop siren sounds, Gordon stops, but then he thinks better of it. Then the crazy, super-scary chase is on, with Okulski doing everything he can to make Gordon stop.

Okulski swears that it's all real, and says he thought he was going to die. You can check out his I-am-there take at Jalopnik. Or, you can watch the hilarious prank in the video above.

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