We Can't Wait For Immortal Humans Jeff Koons And Pharrell To Talk About Art

Jeff Koons is really a hit with the pop stars. Right after collaborating on album art and an ArtRave with Lady Gaga, Koons is engaging in a deep talk about art with honorary art world member Pharrell Williams.

The two gentlemen sat down for one of Pharrell's ARTST TLKs, a series of tête-à-têtes between cultural giants that often leaves viewers going "huh?"

In the preview, the two discuss how Koons' work, namely his massive balloon sculptures, affirm the viewer. "What I love about the reflective surface is that it affirms," Koons explains, "it's about you. You move, all of the sudden the abstraction on the surface moves."

It's a lofty, and almost convincing, description of why mirrored things are cool. Almost. Needless to say, we can't wait to watch the entire talk. Things to look out for:

1) Jeff Koons' baby photo
2) Pharrell's Fedora
3) The way neither of these men seem to age. Possible relation to Koons' "eternal" artworks? To be continued...

We're not certain Koons and Williams will blow us away with their artistic insights, but we're sure there will be plenty of awkward moments to humanize these pop art icons. See our coverage of a previous Pharrell ARTST TLK here.



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