Jeff Peckman Files Paperwork To Enter Denver Mayor's Race


The man behind the Denver ballot initiative that would have established an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission has filed paperwork to enter the city's mayoral race.

The Denver Post first reported over the weekend that Jeff Peckman, who became famous for spreading video of an alleged alien encounter, has filed paperwork to become the 16th person to join the Denver's mayoral race.

Peckman will now need to gather 300 signatures in support of his candidacy for his name to appear on the ballot. In 2010, he submitted over 4,000 valid signatures in support of his Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission initiative.

Peckman told the Denver Daily News that he was prepared for any ridicule that might come his way due to his involvement in alien initiatives.

"They're always going to think that (I'm a nutty guy,) but nobody has told any truth that didn't get ridiculed or resisted in some way, and yet many of those truths prevailed and were the foundation for progress for humanity," he said.

Peckman ran for Senate in 1998 as a member of the Natural Law Party, capturing .31% of the statewide vote.

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