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Jeff Probst Talks 'Survivor': If Someone Wanted To Burn Down The Camp, We'd 'Give Them Kerosene' (VIDEO)

Jeff Probst has hosted "Survivor" for 13 years and 26 seasons, but the current "Caramoan" installment of the CBS reality show will show viewers something they've never seen before.

"Nobody's telling us what to do. The show's unscripted. You're making calls as they're happening," Probst explained on HuffPost Live. "We have an episode coming up in a couple weeks where it's unprecedented what happened and it's happening live ... and we all just hope we're making the right call."

When a question came in from Twitter asking Probst if he'd ever intervene if a contestant was burning down the camp, the "Survivor" host, without hesitation, answered, "No." Probst went on to add, "You're on the radio going, 'Oh my god. This is great. Great Episode 5' ... If we were going to intervene, it would be to give them kerosene,' which doesn't happen."

Though Probst was half-joking about the combustibles, he did say that, "In Episode 5 [of the current season], in two weeks, that idea happens of somebody saying, 'I'm going to destroy the camp' and all that means is, 'Everybody get your camera on your shoulder 'cause we've got something happening.'"

Could the culprit be "Survivor: Caramoan" contestant Brandon Hantz, who had a breakdown on his previous season? On this week's episode, Brandon speculated at one point during a confessional that he'd be the next one voted off. So what would he do? "I’ll pee in the rice. Like, I’ll pee in the beans. I’ll burn the shelter to the ground," he said.

"Survivor: Caramoan" airs Wednesday sat 8 p.m. EST on CBS.

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