Jeff Ross Talks 'The Burn' And Roasting Presidential Candidates: 'Let Freedom Zing' (VIDEO)

Jeff Ross thinks that the framers of the Constitution left out one important detail from our election process. He thinks the candidates need a good public roasting before they get voted into office.

Of course, Ross could be biased. Known as "The Roastmaster General," he's been a standout presence on most of the Comedy Central Roasts in recent memory, and lately has taken to wearing stunt costumes (Muammar Gaddafi and Joe Paterno). He definitely had some of the best lines at last weekend's roast of Roseanne Barr.

But that's not enough. Ross' has a new Comedy Central show, "The Burn," to give Ross a weekly chance to "roast the news." HuffPost Comedy senior editor Carol Hartsell sat down with Ross at our AOL offices, and asked him how he'd roast President Obama and Mitt Romney before the election.

"The Burn" debuts Tuesday night at 10:30 EST (9:30 CST).



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