Jeff Schaffer Talks About Life on the Set of The League

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Answers by Jeff Schaffer, Exec Producer of The League, Former Exec Producer, Seinfeld & Curb Your Enthusiasm, on Quora.

A: We always planned on do a show about the culture. We never thought in our wildest dreams we would affect it. But somehow in our little way, we did.

The moment we really felt like we had made it as a show was when ESPN put out a list of 20 most popular FF team names, and three of them were from the League.

There are so many teams out there named "Password is Taco", "Chalupa Batman", and "Vinegar Strokes".

Seeing that so many people named their teams after the face one makes the moment before ejaculating...words can't express our pride.

The Fantasy wave was swelling when we started so we can't take credit for everybody. But we do get a lot of people on our social media saying that they joined a league because of the show.

We wanted the show to feel like hanging out with you wickedest, cleverest friends and people are looking for that experience.

It's like they've forgotten how mean these characters are to each other.

If they actually were in The League they'd run away crying.

The biggest sector we've helped get into Fantasy is women. And that is all because of Jenny. We always wanted the woman to be a man among boys. And there are a lot of female fans that want to be like Jenny. How many female newcomers name their team "Vaginal hubris" is unknown.

The one other area we think we've contributed to is last place trophies. We always wanted one for The League for a simple reason "When a person comes in first one person is happy. When someone comes in last everyone else is happy.

And we're seeing a lot of Sackos out there now. Warms our hearts.


A: The set of The League is one of the most fun places on the planet. And it shouldn't be.

We are usually not in a great place. Some alley in downtown L.A. that was pressured washed free of piss the night before so it only smells like recent bum piss.

We have no time - we shoot a show with a big cast completely on location in 3.75 days an episode. So you have to move fast but you also want to take time to get the funny digressions and things that make the show.

Long and short of it is, the show really shouldn't exist.

And in addition to all that stress, it's usually very hot. Small rooms, big lights.

Also we pretending to be in December in Chicago but shooting it in L.A. in August.

So there are sweaters and jackets that feel like torture.

But once we start shooting it is so fucking fun. The closest thing we can equate it to when everyone is there is covering a comedy sporting event.

We've got three cameras swinging around to catch things, we're yelling out lines and directions to the camera men at the same time.

Everyone is shouting out jokes.

It's like the floor of a comedy stock exchange - everyone trying to make things the funniest they can.

It's the thing we'll miss the most. Sitting in Kevin's tv room, or at the bar with the funniest fuckers on the planet making stuff up that makes us laugh.

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