Jeff Toobin, Blog Critic

Yesterday at the Time-CNN Politics Summit 2008 we cornered New Yorker legal maven-turned-CNN politics maven Jeff Toobin after his panel while he was enjoying some delicious plantain chips. The actual interview is coming — it's long and features a special guest appearance by Peggy Noonan, but it's a huge file that Glynnis and I are still figuring out how to upload, because we are technical geniuses — but this is what we started with, before Glynnis decided imperiously that we should switch up our location, which I had strategically chosen for its proximity to the aforementioned plantain chips. Say what you want about CNN, they know how to feed their guests. Oh right, Toobin. Well, apparently he has opinions on how he likes his online media. Whatever, we'll take our backhanded compliments where we can find them.

Update: Here's the actual interview with Toobin. Plaintain chips still figure prominently.