Jeff Waldman And Team Install Swings: Los Angeles (VIDEO)

WATCH: Art Project Aims To Change The World, One Swing At A Time

Jeff Waldman is trying to change the world, one swing at a time.

Waldman and his team have installed simple rope and wood swings in the Marshall Islands, San Francisco, Panama and, most recently, Los Angeles.

Waldman, who lives in San Francisco and was inspired by Parisian artist Jerome G. Demuth, calls the installations "part of an ongoing Happiness Project aimed at a loss of youth."

It’s a universal message. An appeal to celebrate the passions of our youth, to give in to simplistic urges, but mostly, to remind people of the difference a smile can make in their day and the infectious effect that smile has on those they encounter.

His Los Angeles project was supported by a grant from The Awesome Foundation and he is currently fundraising to install swings in Bolivia.

Check out a video of this Los Angeles installation and let us know what you think in the comments below:

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