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These Hilarious Fake Paint Names Make Home Decor Way More Fun


You could mull over the subtle differences between paint colors like off-white, bone white and sand white, or you could turn to comedian Jeff Wysaski of Obvious Plant for his brutally accurate take on the subject.

Wysaski, the brains behind the "honest wine labels" prank from earlier this year, spoke with The Huffington Post about his newest project: altered names on paint chips.

"Paint colors always have such ridiculous names -- Emerald Isle, Toasted Almond, etc. I just thought it would be fun to take it one step further and make them even more ridiculous," said Wysaski.

jeff wysaski

The comic uses Photoshop to mimic the text font and placement. "Once I had that," he said, "it was pretty easy to just switch out the words and background color for each sample." He then places his paint chips in stores for customers' amusement. He added that most people are "pretty oblivious" when he's swapping out the labels.

Scroll through the rest of the paint labels below and be sure to check out Wysaski's Twitter and Tumblr page for more.


jeff wysaski


jeff wysaski

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