Jeff Zimmermann's Lake Shore Drive Mural Encourages Good Behavior (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Lake Shore Drive Mural Encourages Good Behavior

Chicago has tried a multitude of methods to enforce good behavior on the city's beaches: the newest seeks to inspire conscientiousness through art.

Artist Jeff Zimmermann was commissioned to create a mural that sits at 47th and Lake Shore Drive.

The project was funded by a grant from the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative through the United States Environmental Protection Agency, according to Zimmermann's website. The piece is intended to make people mindful of their actions while enjoying the nearby beach, and includes images of pigeons, litter, and real Chicagoans with expressions ranging from happy to concerned.

Last year, Zimmermann painted a massive mural that runs parallel to Oak Street Beach titled "You Know What You Should Do."

Zimmermann told Fear No ART Chicago creator and HuffPost Chicago blogger Elysabeth Alfano in an interview that project that he incorporated "regular people" he photographed on the street because "those faces, and those people in the mural are what give the mural its soul."

Watch Alfano's interview with Zimmermann above, and click through our slideshow below of his new project, and previous work:

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