Jeffery Self: The White Gay Oprah of Facebook Live

Next Sunday morning, when you’re hungover and mindlessly scrolling through Facebook on the living room floor, attempting to will your cat to walk down the block and bring you back an egg and cheese bagel, check out Jeffery Self’s new (and interactive!) Facebook live show, “Jeffrey: Live.” Comedian, writer, and performer Self—who also appears in TBS’ Search Party—is like a wonderful, gay, white, male Oprah, and his “house twink” on the show, comedian Brendan Scannell, his Gayle.

Every episode begins with a barefoot Self in bed, talking straight to the camera about his week, ushering the viewer into “an 18-minute journey through my own mental instability,” he says. It’s a lot darker and more absurd and much more low budget than Oprah (no one is getting a car), but just as inspiring. Self interviews actors, activists, and “mildly amusing people who are verified on Twitter,” he explains in the trailer for the show, all in the comfort of his home.

Its low-budget qualities—the show is shot on Self’s iPhone and Scannell advertises fake products in between interviews—add to the show’s charm. “It feels moderately desperate,” Self told Paper Magazine, “but I’ve always found desperation to be rather inspiring.”

Originally, Self sold a talk show to a cable network that unfortunately never came to fruition. When it fell through, he and co-creator and director Jake Wilson decided to make it themselves. The series is now on it’s eleventh episode. You can binge watch the first ten here. Self’s sat down with actors like Alan Cumming and Modern Family’s Jesse Tyler Ferguson, comedian Horatio Sanz, and most recently actress Busy Phillips. If you’re watching live, you can submit your own questions for the guests via the comments.

Self even had a special episode after Trump was elected, “because we’re all upset and confused and angry and we’re gonna talk about it and come up with ideas for how we can help each other and continue to cope with this shocking new reality,” Self said. He spoke with MTV News’ Ira Madison III and Los Angeles LGBT Center’s Ali Talan.

After interviewing his guests—and a brief commercial from Scannell advertising things like glue guns for moms who “have it all” to sniff until they pass out—Self plays a game with his guests, like Name That Tune and Would You Rather. And there’s occasionally a surprise appearance, like a tiny Charlize Theron played by a paper bag. You don’t want to miss it!

Watch the next episode live, Sunday at noon, on Self’s Facebook page.

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