Christopher Scarver Reveals Why He Murdered Cannibal Killer Jeffrey Dahmer

Jeffrey Dahmer's behavior was just as unsettling in prison as it was on the outside. And it was that unsettling behavior that, on Nov. 28, 1994, prompted Christopher Scarver to beat the serial killer and another inmate to death, Scarver told the New York Post in an exclusive new interview.

Scarver -- who had been shopping his story around to book publishers after he emerged from 18 years in solitary confinement for the killings -- said he hated Dahmer for the cannibalism, and for his dark sense of humor. He told the Post that Dahmer would play disturbing jokes on other inmates at the Wisconsin prison, such as fashioning fake body parts out of prison food.

Dahmer was usually escorted at all times by a prison guard, but on the day he was killed, officers left him alone with Scarver and another inmate. The Post reports on the pair's fateful meeting:

Dahmer, 34, Scarver and a third inmate, Jesse Anderson, were led unshackled to clean the bathrooms by correction officers, who left them unattended.
Scarver grabbed a metal bar from the weight room and confronted Dahmer with the news story he had been carrying in his pocket.

"I asked him if he did those things 'cause I was fiercely disgusted. He was shocked. Yes, he was," Scarver said.

"He started looking for the door pretty quick. I blocked him," Scarver said.

With two swings of the bar, Scarver crushed Dahmer's skull.

Scarver, who was 25 at the time and a convicted murderer, initially pleaded insanity and claimed he was the son of God, The New York Times reported in 1994. Scarver later changed his plea to no contest, and was slapped with two life sentences for the deaths of Dahmer and Anderson, in addition to the one he was already serving.

In the interview with the Post, Scarver attributes his psychological problems to his diet, saying "certain foods I eat cause me to have a psychotic break -- bread, refined sugar."

Scarver now lives in a medium-security prison, according to his website, where he also publishes his poetry.



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