Jeffrey Lord Makes Bizarre New Claim About Democrat 'Collusion'

“Is Adam Schiff colluding with Nancy Pelosi?”

Democrats are questioning the impartiality of House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) due to his close ties to the White House, which is under investigation by his committee. But on CNN, one of the network’s most prominent surrogates for President Donald Trump claims the Democrats may be the ones colluding.

“Is Adam Schiff colluding with Nancy Pelosi?” Jeffrey Lord asked host Anderson Cooper. “They’re putting out statements on the same day, on the same subject.” 

Watch veteran newsman Carl Bernstein, in the upper right, react: 

“If we’re going to go down this road, then we need to go down the road in full,” Lord said. “I just think we should get all of this out, every last bit of this out.”

Cooper noted that committee wasn’t investigating Pelosi. 

“Maybe they should!” Lord replied. “She said she never met with the Russian ambassador and then there was a picture of her meeting with the Russian ambassador.” 

After Cooper again pointed out that the White House ― not Pelosi ― was under investigation, Lord switched tacks.

“But she’s the investigator,” Lord said. “And if she’s not impartial, then there’s a problem.”

Pelosi isn’t even on the committee. 

See the full exchange above. 

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