Jeffrey Radle, Scott Walker Supporter, Jumps In Front Of Wife's Car To Prevent Opposing Vote

Man Jumps In Front Of Wife's Car To Keep Her From Voting Against Governor

Chippewa Falls, Wis. police said Jeffrey Radle jumped in front of his wife's car to keep her from voting against Gov. Scott Walker in the state's Republican primary, according to the Journal Sentinel.

Radle is a Walker supporter and his wife, Amanda, is not. So when she tried to pull out of the driveway to vote for a non-Walker candidate, Radle stood in her car's way.

The Sentinel reports that, when she tried to drive around him, Radle dove in front of the car, injuring his head, neck and back.

The husband was taken to a hospital where he was in stable condition, as of Tuesday.

Chippewa Falls Police Captain John Liddell told The Huffington Post that the election was just fodder for a familial dispute.

"We've seen things like this before, but not over elections," Liddell told HuffPost. "This is more of a domestic situation within the family and the election just happened to be the topic at the time."

Liddell said the case has been referred to the district attorney, who will decide whether any charges should be filed on possible counts of domestic violence.

Perhaps the injured Radle can take comfort knowing that Walker easily won the primary.

For more Wisconsin election coverage, check out HuffPost's liveblog.

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