Jeffrey Sachs: Wall Street Case Shows 'Pathological System, Out Of Control'

WATCH: Top Economist Says Wall Street Is 'Pathological,' 'Out Of Control'

Just days after saying Wall Street is full of "crooks," top economist Jeffrey Sachs continues to bring the hammer down on financial institutions.

Dr. Sachs, special adviser to the UN secretary general and the director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University, said in an interview on HuffPostLive that the country's financial system is not only mismanaged, but also wrought with criminal activity. Sachs used Steven A. Cohen and SAC Capital Advisors' recent settlement with the Securities and Exchange Commission for more than $600 million to illustrate what he perceives to be a "pathological," "out of control" system regulating U.S. financial institutions.

Watch the full video above, or check out the full interview here on HuffPost Live.

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