CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin Makes Bold Prediction About GOP's Future Support Of Donald Trump

The legal analyst said Republican lawmakers have lashed themselves to Trump and are willing to go "down with the ship."

CNN’s chief legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin explained Tuesday why he doesn’t believe GOP lawmakers will abandon their support of President Donald Trump anytime soon, despite his deepening legal woes.

The Republican Party as a group, and certainly it’s true for members of the Senate,” have “made a collective decision” that “‘we’re not gonna change our minds about anything until all of these developments (such as special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation) are wrapped up,’” Toobin said.

Even then, he said he doubted the GOP would “throw Donald Trump over the side.”

“I think that is very unlikely,” Toobin said.

“The Republican Party, as John Boehner said not long ago, is the Trump party today, and they are going down with the ship if the ship is going down,” Toobin added. “I think, if you look at Donald Trump’s popularity within the Republican Party, within the voters, it’s still very high. And the Republican politicians are following along.”

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