CNN Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin Has An Ominous New Warning For Trump

Jeffrey Toobin said new revelations spell bad news for the president.

CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin warned the White House not to celebrate a report on Tuesday that President Donald Trump is not a criminal target in special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

Trump instead is a “subject” of the probe, according to The Washington Post, but Toobin said that’s a distinction that could change quickly.

Toobin said “targets” are often charged and “witnesses” are generally people needed for information.

“In between the two, there is something called the “subject.” That is someone who is under investigation but who may or may not be charged. Trump is a subject, and I don’t think that is particularly good news for him. It’s a big deal to be under criminal investigation by the FBI, particularly if you’re president of the United States.”

“This confirmation that the president is under criminal investigation, that is a pretty profound thing to think about,” he added.

Toobin also said that former campaign manager Paul Manafort, who has been indicted in the probe, is in “desperate legal trouble” and might be about to turn on the president.

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